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Website Designing




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Website Designing

Design of websites that are displayed on the internet refers to web design. It refers to the user experience features of website development rather than software development. Web designing is focused on designing websites for desktop versions of browsers. However, from the mid-2010s, designing for mobile and tablet browsers had become ever increasingly important. A web designer works on the layout, appearance and in some cases, content for a website. The appearance of the website relates to the images, font, and colors used. Layout refers to how the information is categorized and structured. Good web design is aesthetically pleasing, easy to use and suits the user group and trademark of the website. Webpages are created with a focus on simplicity so that no other information and functionality should distract or confuse the users. Adaptive and responsive designs are two of the most common methods for designing websites that work well both on desktop and mobile. In responsive design, content moves dynamically depending on the size of the screen, and in adaptive design, the website’s content is fixed in layout sizes that suit common screen sizes. Making a layout that is as consistent as possible between different devices is very important for maintaining the user’s engagement. As responsive design can exhibit difficulties in this regard, designers must be careful in giving control of how their work should appear

You will learn about:

HTTP, HTML, Basic HTML Tags, Body Tags, Coding Style, Modifying and Formatting Text, Lists- Unordered, Definition, Insert Links- Linking to another Document, Internal Links, Email Links, Relative and Absolute Links, Insert Images, Referencing Images, Clickable Images, Image Placement and Alignment, Image Size, Image Margins, Image Formats, Image Maps- Defining an Image Map, Advanced Coloring Body Content, Working with tables- Basic Tables, Table Attributes, Table Cell Attribute, Table Row Attributes, Table Inside of Table, Invisible Spacers, Working with Frame- Based Pages- Creating Windows, Single Window Frames, Creating Row Frame, Creating Complex Frames.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)

  • Introduction
  • Creating a style using inline and external CSS
  • Creating Divs with ID style
  • Creating Tag and class style
  • Creating borders
  • Navigation links
  • Creating effects with CSS
  • JavaScript

    • Introduction
    • Use of JavaScript in web pages
    • Understanding JavaScript event model
    • Use some basic event and control web page behavior

    Designing Websites with Dreamweaver/ Expression Web/ Amaya/ CoffeeCup WYSIWYG HTML Editor

  • Introduction to WYSIWYG HTML Editor
  • Advantages of using HTML Editor
  • Creating a New Site
  • Adding Images with Alternate Text
  • Inserting and Formatting Text
  • Aligning Images
  • Creating an Email Link
  • Linking to other Websites
  • Testing and targeting Links
  • Organizing Files and Folders
  • Creating and Inserting Images

    • Optimizing Images for the Web
    • Saving GIFs and PNGs in Photoshop
    • Inserting GIFs
    • Adjusting Transparency Settings
    • Saving JPGs for the Web

    Customizing the Interface

  • Opening an Existing Site
  • Reviewing Menu Options and Preferences
  • Comparing Macintosh with PC’s Interface
  • Previewing in Browser and Device Central
  • Responsive Web Designing

    • Introduction
    • Advantages of Web Designing
    • Creating and using Web Pages

    Web Hosting

    • What is Domain?
    • How to register a Domain?
    • Introduction to DNS
    • What is Web Hosting?
    • Host your Website on the web server


    • Introduction
    • FTP Commands Viewing Files and Directories
    • FTP Commands Transfer and Rename files
    • FTP with WS FTP/ CuteFTP
    • Filezilla on Windows